Berlin, 2014-03-31

Masterplan for Saving the World

  1. Fix the foundations of democracy by establishing an Internet that actually works.
  2. Use democracy to establish a rule of reason and scientific evidence based on tools like liquid democracy, and thus cut out corruption and special interest rule.
  3. Looks like a redistribution of wealth is inevitable to stop the unsustainable growth of humanity. A worldwide introduction of a cumulative unconditional basic income could turn out to be a suitable method.
  4. Fix capitalism by putting all the ignored "externalities" into the equation of the free market model, like the absurd environmental damage caused by shipping goods across the globe because heavy fuel oil is so cheap. A worldwide ban on heavy fuel oil would abruptly stop the absurdity of globalisation. Additionally, a harmonised global tax on all containers arriving at a harbour would be the perfect antidote to both protectionism and unsustainable trade agreements.

That's it. World is saved. Now think carefully next time you have a chance to vote for a political party or movement. Don't waste your vote on folks that do not understand the basics of the problem and still indoctrinate you to believe in a return of economic growth and jobs for everyone. Growth is not the solution. It's the problem. The world dependency on growth and jobs is like a drug addiction. Get clean. Get sustainable. Give humanity a sense of security and participation. Words won't do. We need action.

And what about terrorism? What about migration? Nothing. They are symptoms of broken capitalism. They will go away by themselves if we fix the original causes rather than try to alleviate the symptoms. And besides, truck drivers falling asleep because of bad working conditions are a bigger problem than all of terrorism combined.


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