Berlin, 2011-09-07

Pirate Parties mentioned in the Wikileaks Cables


Fri, 25 Sep 2009 09:57 UTC:
Candidates Stump Heavily In Germany's Most Populous State Outcome "too Close To Call"

The night before she left for the G-20 summit in Pittsburgh, Chancellor Merkel addressed a crowd of 5000 plus enthusiastic supporters at a September 23 campaign rally in Wuppertal. Her combative speech touched on all the main points of the CDU election platform, including lower taxes, strengthening families, and more money for education. A "flash mob" of around 100 people, including activists of the "Pirate Party," tried to heckle her, unsuccessfully, as she handled the situation with quick-wittedness and humor.

That's the outcome of the Und alle so YEAH meme/flashmob that happened to include members of the Piratenpartei. The idea was to scream "yeah" after each sentence the chancellor said. This happened at several rallies, not just Wuppertal, as this video clip shows. It all started with an anonymous person making that comment on an election campaign advertisement, then being taken to Twitter.


Thu, 24 Sep 2009 15:47 UTC:
Aging German Greens Faced With Disappointment Over Best Results Ever

[..] the Greens are being ideologically outflanked by the Left Party's calls for an almost immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan and the fledgling Pirate Party's advocacy of an open Internet with no government interference.

The Greens are also facing a challenge from the Pirate Party, which is taking an even more aggressive approach than the Greens on the issue of data privacy and an unfettered Internet. Although it remains a splinter group it appeals to younger voters with the kind of clever posters and street theater-like approach that resembles the Greens in their early years.


2009-09-16 15:03:
HADOPI 2: French Assembly Approves Internet Piracy Sanctions Bill

While Hadopi became a reality...

[...] In the meantime, "Parti Pirate," the first French affiliate of Piracy Pirate International, will present a candidate in the September 20 interim election for a vacant seat in the National Assembly.

Uh oh.. that sounds scary. I wonder what Piracy Pirate International is.


Mon, 26 Oct 2009 13:20 UTC:
Bulgaria: New Government Sending Postive Signals On Ipr

A Bulgarian Green Party leader and two other Bulgarian activists have started a petition to establish a Bulgarian "Pirate Party" which advocates for free downloading of copyrighted materials among other things. [...] IPR enforcement and legislation could face political obstacles in Parliament in the future.

Even in internal documents American government officials promote the false idea that the Pirate Party is about not respecting "Intellectual Property Rights."


Wed, 10 Jun 2009 13:42 UTC:
Aargh! Swedish Pirates Set Sail For Brussels

This quite amusing title gives us a clue how much it hurts American government officials to hear that civil rights advocates manage to place one representative into European Parliament. Again, the summary focuses on IPR:

[...] the Greens and the pro-EU Liberal Party were the big winners — along with the new Pirate Party, which found support from young voters unhappy with the government's decision to shut down The Pirate Bay, a file-sharing bit torrent site that had become a target of the Motion Picture Association of America (and USTR).

It wasn't just Pirate Bay being closed down but the lack of democratic legitimacy in the actions of Swedish authorities. American government keeps underestimating the common tone of the world's uprising youth: Rebellion against faux democracy, yearning for real democracy. Internet is just the most obvious battleground.

The big winner was the Pirate Party — which campaigned on reformation of copyright and patent law and opposition to a wiretapping law proposed by the Swedish security services. The Pirates secured a whopping 7.1% and one seat in Parliament. The party, founded in January 2006, attracted young voters angry over the guilty verdict in the Pirate Bay trial, the unpopular EU Ipred directive, and new national laws criminalizing file sharing and authorizing monitoring of emails. The party has not yet announced what EP party group it would like to belong to, and the current thinking espoused by Pirates is that the classic political right-left scale is outdated. Rather, the Pirates see themselves as an historic movement analogous to working-class and the green movements. The party is now looking to negotiate with both the liberal ALDE group and the Greens/EFA group.

A side effect of the Pirates' success is that it most likely reduced the chances for the far-right nationalist Sweden Democrats to gain representation in the EP. The Pirates have some of the same voter base — young men with mistrust for politicians. Although the Sweden Democrats tripled their results to 3.3%, up from 1.1% in 2004, they remain below the threshold for representation in either the EP or Swedish Parliament. In any case, the Pirate's landslide among younger voters caught the attention of the larger parties, our contacts tell us, who are now scrambling to come up with policies to woo the youth back to the mainstream.


Tue, 8 Sep 2009 05:22 UTC:
Swedish Deputy Pm Urges Senior Usg Visits To Sweden During Eu Presidency

On Bridging the Gap on Illegal File Sharing

Olofsson said we need to understand how young people see the problem. We should talk about what is happening now, not just pass legislation, she stressed. She pointed to the success of Sweden's Pirate Party in the European Parliamentary elections as an example of that young people "do not trust us." She said the Pirate Party attracted voters from both the right and the left, and the Pirate Party MEP now has two advisors, one with a background in the Left Party, and one from a neo-liberal party.


Mon, 2 Mar 2009 13:57 UTC:
Special 301 For Sweden: Post Recommendation

For example, we want to highlight the risk that negative media attention on the file sharing issue gives the Pirate Party a boost in the EU Parliamentary elections in June 2009.

This cable was famously taken apart by Mr Falkvinge of the Swedish Pirate Party himself. An absolute MUST READ, at least up to the nitty gritty details.


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