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my.pages in english

  1. Re: Critique of Varoufakis' Democracy in Europe Movement
  2. HOWTO Build a Participatory Political Party - Chapter One - Stop the Hurting
  3. Masterplan for Saving the World
  4. Options for a Cumulative Unconditional Basic Income
  5. Italian Leader takes the Pirates to Europe
  6. Copyright? It's the Surveillance, stupid
  7. Liquid Feedback Democracy to run Television?
  8. Stop the Activerts! Hail the Delegation King!
  9. A Political Youthquake: Europe-wide Liquid Democracy
  10. Server Protection: A Legislation Initiative
  11. A Seal to Protect us from Info-Totalitarianism
  12. A Visual Novel on Distributed Social Networks
  13. The Real Reasons Why Myspace Failed
  14. How To Easily Do Away With Globalization
  15. Pirate Party in the Wikileaks Cables
  16. Backstreet Boys Changed Their Minds
  17. lynX's Humorous Strategic Card Game

my.pages in italiano

  1. Proposta di Linee Guida per Responsabili della Convivenza in Internet e oltre
  2. Presentazione di Liquid Feedback al Palazzo dei Congressi
  3. Una repubblica sfondata sul lavoro
  4. La verità su Julia Schramm
  5. La fregatura dei partiti
  6. Tutta colpa dei tedeschi
  7. La verità sul fenomeno pirata
  8. La ricetta del successo di Berlino

my.pages in deutsch

  1. Varoufakis' Demokratie in Europa: Offene Fragen und Antworten
  2. Vorschlag eines Mandates für eingespielte Geselligkeit im Internet und darüber hinaus
  3. Wieviel der Kritik an Liquid Democracy ist fundiert?
  4. Interview: E-Mail schafft sich ab
  5. Ein Trojanisches Pferd des Volkes
  6. Gemainheit: Thema GEMA 2012 besonders aktuell
  7. Immernoch auf Facebook — was bei den Alternativen schiefgeht


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